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Flying Taxi

After spending most of Friday preparing, I got up crazy early, and went to the Albany Bulb to start a big 16 hour puzzle race, called The Apprentice: Zorg. It was themed around the Fifth Element. There were six of us on the team. We had some rough spots in the first 6 hours but after that it was mostly smooth sailing. We certainly didn't win or anything, but it was a blast! Though if the good spots and rough spots had been in another order I would probably have a very different end opinion about the race.

Anyway, game control had a significant number of organizational, playtesting, and general problems. The most frustrating part about that was that I think they were 95% of the way to having a completely great race, in terms of things done right vs wrong, but that last 10% cost about 30% of the fun (which there was still plenty enough of for me to come away happy).

Also thanks to moominmolly for womanning the phones and telling me what presidents ate which food and who their daughters and wives were. richandfamous also helped remind me of Leeloo's full name on no notice!
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