Europe photos

A few weeks ago I went to Europe for work. I didn't have a lot of time for sightseeing, except for a weekend in Barcelona. So except for the first spiral staircase, which is from a hotel in Paris, all the pictures are Barcelona, mostly of Gaudi architecture, mostly of Sagrada Família.

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Masaya Volcano

The rim of Masaya volcano. Unfortunately we couldn't see any roiling magma or anything because of all the smoke. And since it erupted fairly recently (I guess it was a small eruption) most of the trails and overlooks were closed. But it was still pretty neat.

(Then we went back to Managua, and then to the airport. End of trip.)



Hoo boy, I have some time to post photos again:

After Tamarindo we went to Arenal. We did see a couple macaws in Palo Verde, but then in a truck stop of all places, there were a bunch of them just hanging out. The other shots here are also from the trip between Tamarindo & Arenal.